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Our paper in Environmental Science and Technology presents the complete Hestia system with Indianapolis, Indiana as the case study. Future publications for the Los Angeles and Salt Lake City cases are in preparation.

Gurney, K.R., Razlivanov, I., Song, Y. Zhou, Y., Benes, B., Abdul-Massih, M. (2012) Quantification of fossil fuel CO2 at the building/street scale for a large US city, Environmental Science and Technology, 46, 12194-12202, 

See previous publications related to the Hestia project:

Zhou, Y. and K.R. Gurney (2010) A New Methodology for Quantifying Residential and Commercial Fossil Fuel CO2 Emissions at the Building Spatial Scale and Hourly Time Scale, Carbon Management, 1(1), 45-56. 

Zhou, Y., Weng, Q., Gurney, K.R., Shuai, Y. and X. Hu (2011) Estimation of the relationship between remotely sensed anthropogenic heat discharge and building energy use, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 67, 65-72. 

We have completed our Salt Lake City Hestia data product and will be making it publicly available soon.

Hestia downloadable datasets - get readme first!
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All files are now on a Business dropbox account (unfortunately, ASU has blocked all FTP access). Click each link and it should pull the file from Dropbox

Los Angeles Basin version 1.0 is now available but is password protected. If you are interested in using the data product in research, please contact Dr. Kevin Gurney. This data product is not considered a public dataset but will be made public in coordination with the larger LA Basin Megacity research team and peer-reviewed published results.

Los Angeles Basin FFCO2 emissions readme file

Los Angeles Basin GIS shapefile (years: 2011,2012)

Gridded data product (tarred and compressed fileset)

Los Angeles Basin 0.01degx0.01deg, 2011

Los Angeles Basin 0.01degx0.01deg, 2012

This work in Phoenix is currently underway. Hence, these results are PRELIMINARY and should not be used or reproduced without permission of Dr. Kevin Gurney.

Phoenix metro (Maricopa County), 2002 GIS shapefile

Counties surrounding Phoenix metro (Maricopa County), 2002 GIS shapefile

Phoenix metro (Maricopa County) 0.01degx0.01deg, 2002 gridded data file (coordinate system: WGS84)